Dolphin Aqua Life Screensaver

Dolphin Aqua Life Screensaver

A 3D animated screensaver showing underwater scenes with dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most fascinating and intelligent sea species. They have a sohpisticated communication form, and are famous for their cheerful character and their courage, which makes them able to confront even the terrible sharks. If you are like many people and love these cute sea mammals, then you may enjoy this screensaver. It shows an animated 3D sea scene featuring submerged Greek ruins with fish and, of course, several dolphins swimming around. You can modify various of the screensaver's features. For example, you can enable or disable the 3D rendering according to your graphic card's capabilities. Also, you can specify the display mode, or let the program do this automatically. The sound volume and balance can be adjusted as well, letting you choose to play the sound scheme, or to display the screensaver without any sounds.
The screensaver's graphic quality is rather good, as well as the motion effects. One disadvantage is that the dolphins are too similar to each other, and seem to swim without any variations. Also, in the trial version, a "nag screen" appears after a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, it is a good screensaver.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Good graphics


  • In the trial version, a "nag screen" appears after a couple of minutes
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